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Make Money With Paid Online Surveys - Scam or Real Money Making Opportunity?

Online Surveys have had a lot of bad publicity recently as there are so many survey companies making absurd promises about the amount of money that can be made from taking online surveys from the comfort of your home.

Is There Really a Market for Paid Surveys?

Well, the things is getting market research from consumers is a totally legitimate process which companies, both big and small, are driving all the time.

In other words this market research information which they often get in the form of online surveys is so vital to their existence or competitiveness in their market that they are more than willing to pay for it.

Some of them pay cash for each survey completed, others pay their survey respondents in the form of rewards but the point is this - you and I can really get paid for giving our opinion to do with products and services that we have experienced in the form of an online survey.

Where Can We Find Online Survey Work?

Well we can approach companies in our individual capacity and hope to get some survey work or you can sign up with a legitimate "online survey company" that will provide you with a constant flow of online surveys for which you will get paid.

Identifying Online Survey Scams

The "online survey scams" originate from the many so called survey companies, that have sprung up from this lucrative and legitimate opportunity, that promise a certain earning potential to their paying members but unfortunately only fill their email boxes with scam, spam and junk.

Quite simply the legitimate paid survey companies have stood the test of time and the scams have probably been named and shamed.

But just to make sure, do a Google search on the survey company's name and disgruntled members' comments will probably be reflected in the search results to do with that particular paid survey company.

Benefits of Joining a Legitimate Survey Company

Generally just taking Online Surveys isn't all that is offered if you are a member of an Online Survey company.

You will more than likely also be offered the chance to make more money by participating in the following...

You can get paid to participate in focus groups
You can get paid to take phone surveys
You can get paid to try new products and keep them in most cases
You can get paid to preview new movies
You can get paid to do data entry

Other Benefits of Taking Online Surveys
Apart from the main benefit of taking online surveys which is to get paid for your research, other benefits include the following;

Work from home or at the office
Work in your spare time or make it your full time job
Do only the surveys you want
Participate in the additional paid marketing research activities that you choose

Paid Online Surveys - Conclusion

Joining a legitimate paid survey company is certainly a real way to make money online fairly easily, however whilst it could provide a steady income, I doubt whether you or I could get rich by just taking online surveys.

So in a nutshell, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can start getting paid for taking online surveys from home or even at work in your spare time for some extra cash.
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